BandBand™ Music Case Strap
BandBand™ Music Case Strap

A one of a kind strap for carrying hard protective musical instrument cases on your back, adjusts to fit almost any instrument case in seconds, attaches and detaches with one buckle. Ideal for carrying instruments in urban areas. With Bandband™ you can carry your prized instrument on your back in … Read More

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Laser Sailboat Dolly Strap

The laser dolly strap is simple and easy to use. It keeps your bow from getting damaged during launching/retrieving and your boat from getting damaged from falling off your dolly. We’ve tested our straps year round in all sailing conditions. These straps are built to last and come with a lifetime warranty on workmanship.

Our Dolly Strap is guaranteed to keep your boat secured to your dolly or your money back!

Hand Made in the USA

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